4 Best Apps That Can Help You To Control Your Router

We have selected these apps on the research basis, user ratings, reviews and some of our team experience with these apps. I personally tried these apps and got some amazing experience while controlling different settings of the routers by sitting anywhere around. So download and install these apps today.

Asus brand has their own dedicated app for the controlling of routers. Their routers are implemented with all the necessary facilities that are helpful for the users to control smartphones using the app. Analytics for the router working and data usage could also be traced by the users through the app. This is really useful and if you own an Asus router with you then you are fortunate enough, you chose the right brand.
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This is one of the most popular brands for the routers and there are innumerable users for this brand throughout the world. While having such a great popularity this brand cannot just miss the functionality of wireless controlling and management for the router. There is an app named Netgear genie that you can install and use on your smartphone so as to get the best analysis of the data, manage client networks or do many more things. This just could not be missed for any Netgear wifi router users. For more Click Here

This is the router brand that provides the smartphone app from its side. Through the app, the users could see the data usage, set up parenting control through options, direct the different bandwidth for the network and much more. Altogether the whole of the router functions to the most extent could be controlled through the app by this brand.
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WiFi Router Setup is the simplest network scanner, IP scanner and wifi scanner that allows you to find your wifi setup page(router setup page)and router password, so it is a useful ip tool and ping tools. Or you can detect who is on my wifi and you can block the stranger in router admin page from my wifi.
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So finally you have reached the last of this post and on reading the above data you have got about all the smartphone apps that you could use to control your router. We hope that you would have liked this article and got benefit out of the information provided here. If you really liked the above information then don’t forget to share this post. Also, do comment on your opinions and suggestions to this post by using the comments box below!